Snog, Marry, Avoid?

I rarely get time to watch TV, but last Saturday night I got back from work early and wanted to watch a bit of trash TV before going to Slumberland, looked on BBC IPlayer and this episode of Snog, Marry, Avoid? popped up, I felt this was the Trash TV I was looking for, watching these cringe-worthy girls who think they look good.

The first girl up was Petagay, she was a 19yr old girl with (in fairness) a great figure. She goes out in hotpants and nipple tassles for a night out, she never wears a bra and thinks she looks great. Her Mum was also featured saying she hates the way her daughter looks and wishes she would wear more clothes.

Petagay goes to ‘POD’ this computer that does make-overs and the programme have asked people on the street if they would snog, marry or avoid this girl – first Petagay has to guess what the outcome will be, interestingly she chooses Avoid, 70% of the public agree with her! You can clearly see she is shocked by this, and a little hurt too. When ‘POD’ asks what is under the make-up Petagay replied “Ugly, Ugly and, erm… Ugly!” This is so sad! Suddenly it is so obvious why she goes out wearing no clothes, she hopes that the less she wears the more attention she will get as she feels she is ugly behind the make-up.

She also states that she would like to wear more clothes to make her Mum proud of her.

She then picks a new style from styles pre-selected and then click a celebrity style, then off comes the make-up and eye-lashes. She looks so much younger and prettier. Then the make-under is done and she comes out with a short and choppy hair cut, minimal make-up and a gorgeous blue dress. She looks years younger and absolutely beautiful and her parents agree!

Don’t get me wrong, when I first saw Petagay, the clothes she wore, the way she looked, the overly huge eye=lashes and watched her horrendous attitude – I wanted to slap her. But after seeing her reaction to be ‘ugly’ and ‘avoided’ I felt really sorry for her!

2nd is a very ‘interesting’ look – I think she called herself the Rainbow Princess – she wore white facepaint, mini lips were drawn on and a set of eyes above her real eyes, brightly coloured hair attachments in her died white hair and a very random, homemade looking outfit, with a wand that did not work. Not much more to say on that matter in honesty… gotta be seen to be belived.

But I do wonder if she will look back on this look in 15-20yrs and think “What was I thinking!?!??!!?” or if she will still be sporting this look?

The fianl girl is Jess, cakes herself in Fake Tan and just looks pretty horrendous in doing so. Goes for less is more in clothing and her bum is often on show in whatever she wears. Her mate goes on to tell us that she wears way too much make-up and thinks she has real beauty inside.

In she goes to see ‘POD’ and they ask the public “Did this girl get straight A’s, bottom of the class or behind the bike sheds at school?” Jess is clearly shocked at this question and she guesses “Straight A’s” – she is shocked to find the answer is “Back of the bike-sheds” she then goes on to whinge about this, saying it is not true. When ‘POD’ states that maybe the make-up and fake tan she wears and the way she looks make people think this of her, and she is giving off the wrong impression, This really seems to hit home with her.

The make-under takes place and she comes out looking much younger and much more beauiful, and as she says “Innocent”, and her mum and sister completely agree.

But, the question is:

Do they keep their New Looks??? and – why does Jenny Frost use a tumble-dryer sheet on her hair?

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20 comments on “Snog, Marry, Avoid?

  1. I watched the series with the ringside girl (Aby) and I fell in love with her after her make under. I could see her natural beauty before but after she had her make under I was head over hills for her. she is stunning and I wanted to mary her only to find out she had found someone. damn it. Jenny Frost will you find me someone as pretty as Aby please xx

  2. With a few of the contestants who are large breasted ‘Pod’ has made detrimental comments about the large breasts of the participants.I naturally have large breasts and a small frame and I find the comments by ‘pod’ extremely insulting.

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  4. Love the new series, but really, was there any need for the transexual comment? I get the tongue in cheek humour, but that was massively offensive to the Trans community.

  5. Hi bbc three!,
    how do you apply to go onto snog marry avoid? want to go on it to see what i look like more natural feel like i wear to much make up and want to go on with a friend. Snog marry avoid is the best programme ever and i love it.

    please reply

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