The Pistachio Lady Returns…..

Some of my more regular readers (Yes James, you included!!!) may remember a recent post about Customer Service and how hard it was, where I mentioned the ‘Pistachio Lady’ as she will now be forever known – the lady that got in the middle of a language barrier of a colleague and myself in regards to Pistachio Ice Cream and Pistachio Cheese Cake. The evening that ended with her grabbing my eyes and screaming at me, and then I was sent to apologise for giving her the dessert that she wanted!

Anyhow, if you have not seen the post, then have a look for it, I am sure it will make you smile… or glaze over with bafflement (yes, bafflement is a real word James, and spelt correctly!!!) when I was sent outside to apologise.

As I was saying, she came in tonight and I had not even realised, they were a table of 7, they were sat for a while, with the family and a Grandson I imagine, he (the Grandson) was calling everyone the wrong names, Eg: Grandad he was calling Mummy and such like. I went over to do the drinks order as they were sat waiting and I said “What would everyone like to drink? What would you like ‘Grandad’?” looking at the little boy, which resulted in him being in fits of giggles and his parents laughing and asking me for a drink, when the man (who I still had not recognised) said, shortly & abruptly, “We’re being served” – I apologised and left the table. 5mins later they still had no drinks, but I thought nothing of it, guessed they were being sorted out by someone else, time went on and my Boss came over to me “Table 6 have requested you do NOT serve them or  go anywhere near their table” I was offended, and had no idea why, I then looked at the table, and saw her – Pistachio Lady!

I avoided the table, I continued to serve around, Pistachio Lady went to the toilet, and I steered clear of her route, on serving the next table I heard the son ask his Mum what a bitch was, his mum replied it was a very bad word and should never be used, the son replied “But why did Granny say it about that nice lady?” and pointed at me. Eye Contact was made with the table, as they tried to climb under the table (ironically the same table I tried to climb under in regards to the post about putting my foot in my mouth).

But the funniest part is yet to come, the desserts are ordered and out they go to the table, and the Pistachio Cheese Cake served with ice cream comes back, turns out she wanted Pistachio Ice Cream!

I had to smile, which was followed by a titter, then a giggle, and then a laugh!!!

The part that interests me, is that I am amazed she has come back to the restaurant where she grabbed a waitress, I am amazed my Manager has let her completely walk all over him, in regards to his request, the lack of support to myself when I was grabbed and in general, the lack of ‘staff management’ at all, in regards to this situation, But mainly, why come back and then make such a big deal of me not serving them? But the part that intrigues me the most – she said to my Manager, “Do not let that waitress anywhere near our table, she ruined my life last time – I don’t want her to ruin my life again?” <- Is that actually possible? To ruin a  life twice?

Have you experienced someone like ‘Pistachio Lady’?

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