Duke the Lovely Mongrel

Duke is a gorgeous little real mongrel, the staff at Wood Green, The Animals Charity think he may have a bit of German Shepherd in him but to be honest, I don’t car what is in him as he is gorgeous. He has had a lot of attention from older people but as he pulls on the lead it is better that Duke is with someone stronger, he is a gorgeous 3yr old with what I think is an old mans face – white / grey hair on his face that looks like a grey beard and mustache.
Duke would need an active home as he is an active dog. Duke is a very likeable character, he loves his toys and playing fetch with his owner or playing with his other doggie friends
Duke has been at Wood Green sine 3rd July which is a long time. It takes Duke no time at all to get into routine. Although the staff love seeing how great he is, and how excited he gets at certain times of the routine, but it is sad that he has got into the routine and now sees Wood Green as his forever home. This is such a shame as he could be the perfect addition to any family, and will fit in to your families routine with ease.

Duke has been a fantastic asset within the short time he has been at Wood Green, he mixes well with all the dogs he meets and when nervous dogs come in he is great with them too. He really helps the more nervous dogs come out of themselves and be the happy dogs they used to be.

When I met Duke we took him out in the play garden, he was happy to play fetch with me, run around like a fool and have a cuddle and a stroke from me, a complete stranger to him, someone he had never met before.

I highly recommend you have a look at Duke, a gorgeous little guy, friendly with other dogs and a real cutie in general.

Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester

I used to go here all the time as a child, during the Summer Holidays it was a cheap day out for the family… free entrance, nothing to pay for (but maybe an ice-cream) and it kept me and my sister entertained for hours, if not whinging for hours after for a dog / cat / rabbit of our own (maybe that was why we got the ince-cream, as bribery?)

For those of you that do not know, Wood Green Animal Shelter, is a place where strays / unwanted pets and also those that the owner is no longer able to look after. Then the public can then visit for free and, if they want, purchase a pet after Wood Green Representatives check that you are a suitable pet owner.

I went there last week, the weather was lovely, the sun was shining and my friends and I went for a picnic. There is a picnic area by the dog pond, some shaded by trees, some not. It’s a lovely place to have a picnic and gossip about the latest goings on – as girls often do!

Then my friend came down for the weekend and I felt we could go there for the day, a nice wander round, weather was not as great, but there were inside areas where we were protected from the bad weather. We had a lovely time, we saw the small animals first (stated small but some of the rabbits were HUGE). I was shocked to see that they currently have 134 rabbits looking for new homes, that is such a huge amount!

We then went to see the dogs, and they had LOTS of Rottweilers, these are not my favourite dog, and they do scare me a bit. So we were walking along, looking at all the dogs, looking at their names, and their ages and the story behind them and it was really lovely, then my friend stopped at a dog and I kept going, and there was this gorgeous Tan and White Dog, 11months old, immediately interested in me, came up to bars, climbed up to see me, licked my hand and it was adorable. It was a Rottweiler Cross and it was adorable, I immediately fell in love, then it was trying to bite it’s way through the bars to get closer to me and then it started crying… it was so painful to watch, this poor, beautiful, young dog. My friend came and gave it attention, and it loved the attention, and I wish, with all my wishes I could have given it a home as this is the first dog I have ever seen that I fell completely in love with, and I never through the dog I would fall for was a Rottweiler of any type. It was heart-breaking to walk away, leaving it crying.

Then we went to see the gorgeous cats, they used to have them in 4 large cages, you could go in and sit on a bench and they would sit on your lap, now they have them in individual compartments and you see them through glass, it’s not the same, and I am sure it was done for health and safeth reasons and not to spread disease, but I am sure more cats were sold previously, when everyone got the cat that fell in love with them!

Then we went to see the goats and sheep and then over to some beautiful horses.

It was a lovely day out, my friend had not been there before and he claims that he enjoyed himself, and I did too. Apart from the Picnic Area you can also go to the Cafe / Restaurant and there is a Gift Shop too, so plenty to do to entertain you all day.

They are desperately seeking donations of Newspapers, Bedding, Dog Toys, etc along with Volunteers so if you have any of the requested items, or spare time then drop them a line, I am sure they would be more than grateful.

Huntingdon Rotaract have done a collection for them, which was fantastic fun. We stood outside Huntingdon Tesco, dressed as a dog (their fancy dress outfit) collecting for them. We were thanked so gratefully, and all helpers got certificates, it felt great to have helped them, and we were really warmed by their thanks.

We have also done newspaper collections for them, which filled my car to the brim, and again they were really grateful for these.

If you want a pet – Why noy try Wood Green Animal Shelter?

Have you been there before? What do you think?